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Philip Housley - Licenced by Metropolitan Borough of Stockport - No: 21/01008

Boarding Cattery - Stockport, Cheshire

Our boarding cattery in Stockport, Cheshire are set in beautiful surroundings overlooking lawns, orchards fields and are well away from our boarding kennels. The cat pens are warm and comfortable and are heated individually with thermal Vetbeds in moulded plastic beds. Our catteries were designed with great attention to detail and there are pens for single cats, larger pens for families of up to 4 cats sharing and we also have a separate unit for cats specifically in need of convalescence or rest.Blossoms kennels and cattery - Cattery View

As part of our normal care we carry our routine health checks on your pet during their stay with us and groom them before their return home. We are planning to add a professional grooming service soon and further details will be available in the near future.

Bowls, Bedding and Toys

Everything that your cat needs during their stay is supplied by us at Blossoms, but if you do choose to bring your cat's own bed during their stay in our boarding cattery please wash it a couple of days before arrival - so whilst it is clean and fresh it still has the reassuring familiar smells of home. Also if you would like to bring in favourite toys for your cat(s) feel free to do so - toys from home are comforting for your pet during their stay at Blossoms.

Blossoms kennels and cattery - Cattery ViewVaccinations

All cats staying with us must have a current vaccination certificate for Feline Enteritis and Feline Influenza and these require annual boosters. We need to see a valid vaccination card for each stay. We recommend but do not require immunisation against Feline Leukaemia.


We stock a comprehensive range of cat food, using Hills Science Plan as well as the more popular tinned and pouch foods. Any prescription diets are required should be supplied along with feeding instructions. We do not offer discounted rates if your own food is supplied.

Blossoms kennels and cattery - Cattery PenMedication and Illness

We are happy to give prescribed medication to cats staying in our boarding catteries - please supply clear written instructions and sufficient quantity of medicines for your pet's entire stay. In the unfortunate event of your cat becoming ill during a stay with us we have our local vet, just half a mile away, on call 7 days a week. We have an examination room and isolation facilities if required. Blossoms insurance will meet all the costs incurred if the illness is a result of your pets's stay with us; if the illnes is the result of a pre-existing condition then all costs of treatment will be your own responsibility.

Checklist of What to Pack

In order to ensure we have all the info necessary to help us care for your pet you may find the following checklist useful.

  • Vaccination Certificate provided by your vet.  This must be up to date (boosted within the last 12 months) - (see requirements specified above)
  • Written instructions on any special dietary needs or medical problems
  • Any medication, ensuring there is enough to cover the boarding period
  • Any veterinary prescribed diet
  • Contact name and mobile phone number of someone we can contact during your absence should it be necessary to do so
  • Name and telephone number of your Vet (make sure our records are up-to-date)
  • Collar with identity tags
  • Printed off booking form which confirms dates of arrival and departure
  • If your pet has a favourite toy or comforter please feel free to pack it

We will do our best to supply anything you have forgotten to pack.

Bookings for our boarding cattery in Stockport, Cheshire can be made by phone, email or our online booking form. Our terms and conditions apply. Charging rates for 2022

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